Hilton Tops List of Most Hated Hotels; Diogenes’ Social Media Influence Blamed

FoxNews – Social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon decoded to take the biggest hotel brands in the U.S. to find out the most despised—and the most liked–hotel chain. Based on thousands of tweets over a nearly six-month period—Jan. 1 to June 14—the group analyzed posts about the hotel groups to determine if comments were positive, negative or neutral.

According to Business Insider, the chains were chosen based on size– focusing on ones that had a large number of rooms, employees, properties, and social media buzz.

The results may surprise some luxury hotel snobs. Radisson (62 percent) and Best Western (57 percent) got the highest overall percentages of positive feedback on Twitter. With just 4 percent negative feedback, Radisson also had the lowest negative feedback.

And when it came to the most hated, Hilton took the top spot, with 17 percent of all tweets reported as negative. By volume, Marriott is the most talked about hotel on social media with almost 90,000 mentions and was the second most hated place to stay, according to the study. Read more at FoxNews. Go here for DMF-Hilton feud history.



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5 Responses to Hilton Tops List of Most Hated Hotels; Diogenes’ Social Media Influence Blamed

  1. Diogenes says:

    Great Headline Monte! Ima gonna steal the whole thing and cross post it. LOLOLOL!

  2. GruntOfMonteCristo

    I wanted to aske you if you’re intersted in a blog roll exchange but I don’t see a blog roll. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Samuel! I’d be glad to. My blogroll is a very short list of hot-buttons on the right column, linked to the small sites that I actually visit and comment on regularly. The Garage and PoliNation are the top 2, and Diogenes leads the rest. I think I just commented on your site the other day, and I’d be glad to put you on the list. Let me come up with a custom image for you, and I’ll get ‘er done!

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