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There Is Much to Be Done; Just Not Much of It Here

“There’s a shit-load of demons here.  Fuck this.” – Vladimir Solaratov, US Army Special Forces. Yeah. Solaratov was talking about another time and place, but maybe that’s a good idea for this particular time and place.  Fuck this blogging shit. … Continue reading

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Cass Gets Organized

Cassandra Bird (not her real name, and thank goodness, because this would embarrass her) over at Adrienne’s place, is getting organized.  I can’t think of a better time throw out old crap and start over.  Good for you, Cass!  

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Another Great Blog Self-Immolates and Becomes Just a Willing Servant of Hillary, Inc., Over KittyGate

Earlier this weekend, Robert Stacy McCain, of the once great conservative blog The Other McCain woke up and decided it would be a good idea to shitcan his blog forever and make it just another anti-Trump blog working in the … Continue reading

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LL’s First Photos Are In from Walkabout, and They’re Shocking

Our blogging community’s resident Navy SEAL, curmudgeon, warfare expert, She-Devil driver, author and extreme mountain 4×4 explorer known mysteriously as ‘LL’ has been on walkabout over the past week.  Nobody knows for sure where he’s gone except for his insurance agent … Continue reading

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Summer of Gloom

We’re in a very precarious place here in the good ol’ USA.  The outlook is currently mixed, at best.  I think that ultimately we have reason for great optimism, especially if we can depend on miracles, and I am one of … Continue reading

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Why So Cynical, Bro?

Diogenes Sarcastica is getting a little bummed out today at the state of the conservative blogosphere, and I don’t blame her.  But I still don’t see a reason for too much cynicism.  There may be a lot of polarization and disagreement … Continue reading

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A Plea to #NeverTrump Friends

Robert Stacy McCain has a favorite gag he pulls on his feminist blog posts.  After dissecting the arguments, or perhaps more often the irrational screechings of Tumblr feminists, and showing them to be quite literally based on a fruitless and … Continue reading

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