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It’s Still Sunday Somewhere

Sing it Morgan. It’s a complex song, Take Me To Church, and one of the few that can make both my wife and I weep reliably, especially when sung by the great Morgan James.  It was penned by Irish Protestant weirdo, … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Jazz & Acoustic Frampton & Smoky Rockabilly

This studio acoustic version is technically a lot better. Peter still gets a little excited in the live performances… Visual warning on this one. Miss Beauchamp shows enough to require cold showering, and Don Draper makes an appearance with cigarettes … Continue reading

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Maybe Mar-a-Lago is Better Than Margaritaville

This was Christian comedian and musician Tim Hawkins’ sly commentary on the 2016 elections about a month ago. He’s pretty careful to stay away from overt party politics, but his past jokes about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton suggest that … Continue reading

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New Music: ‘Take the Back Way Home,’ by SuperTrump

In honor of Adrienne’s theory about Hillary slipping out the back way at Chelsea’s place, and also inspired by Zilla’s “Super Trump” post today, I present a new Hillary song by the awesome group SuperTrump: “Take the Back Way Home” … Continue reading

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Natalie Maines: Psycho Chick

Some people are so demented, so removed from reality, that they function as pretty good truth detectors.  If they hate something, you can be pretty sure there’s something good and true about that thing.  Natalie Maines of the alleged musical … Continue reading

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Are Adorable

These two make me smile.  Can’t say that about most Hollywood/Nashville couples, but these two seem pretty genuine.  Not exactly Kim and Kanye, are they?  Go to Facebook for the Video. One of my brothers and his wife and three … Continue reading

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I’m Starting to Worry about Maria Shriver

She’s looking more and more like Steven Tyler.   Or maybe the other way ’round.

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