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Wanna Go on TV with your Fake Immigration Story? CNN’s Advertising for It

As Lauren Southern points out, we shouldn’t disappoint ’em. Cross-Posted at Nox & Friends. Advertisements

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Sean Spicer Calls Second Press Conference to Discipline Media for Grossly Undercounting Number of Democrats Ogling Melania at Inauguration

Washington, DC – President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, wasted no time today letting the White House Press Pool know how it was going to be for the next four years.  Even after widespread complaints among the reporters from most … Continue reading

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Assange: “Trump Won’t Be Permitted to Win”

RT reports that it is “extraordinary” that Hillary Clinton is actually viewed as a “normal” or “acceptable” candidate for President of the United States in light of new proof that she is funded by precisely the same Gulf states (Saudi … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly’s Audition for CNN Falls Flat

About the only thing worse than Megyn Kelly’s bizarre fight club interview Monday night with Newt Gingrich was Fox News’ shameless defense of her in stories like this.  Some, like Diann Russell (source of the image below), pointed out that … Continue reading

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Ransomgate Makes Watergate Look Like a Baby Shower

But not a Clinton baby shower.  Saudi Arabian businessmen don’t belong at a baby shower.  And the American PseudoPress wouldn’t report on that, either.

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Crack Investigative Reporters Achieving Unheard-Of Levels of Readiness In Anticipation that Next Trump Mistake Will Be an Actual Mistake

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David French: “Nauseating Calls for Unity”

Somebody get a straightjacket.  Here’s Hannity and Gingrich discussing that David French quote along with Speaker Paul Ryan’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump. I have to agree with these guys, by the way. I have great respect for Gingrich, and … Continue reading

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